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Zebra mussel control a hot topic in Alabama and Mississippi

The Mississippi River is a zebra mussel highway. The mighty river has carried the invasive mussels from the Great Lakes to the Gulf states. Its tributaries have brought zebra mussels east and west. This month, water treatment experts from two southern states will learn how to stop the tiny invaders.

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Earth Science Laboratories expands research and development

Earth Science Laboratories adds new Laboratory Director to Research and Development Team. BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Earth Science Laboratories (ESL) is expanding its Research and Development division. Dr. John Hatten joined ESL in February to direct the company’s Arkansas...

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Quagga mussels eradicated from Pennsylvania lake

Quagga mussels have been eradicated from a 29-acre lake in a project led by Earth Science Laboratories (ESL). Tests have shown that the historic Billmeyer Quarry in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is currently free of adult quagga mussels and their microscopic larvae, called veligers. The announcement marks a historic . . .

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