Zebra Mussels

USGS studies zebra mussel control with ionic copper

The USGS is studying zebra mussel control in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. The project is a collaboration with the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center. If successful, the treatment could provide a blueprint for protecting other lakes infested with zebra mussels.

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Why copper ion generators aren’t as good as you think

An independent study for the Bureau of Reclamation found that unexpected electrical problems and rapid deterioration of anodes compromised a copper ion generator under real world conditions. As a result, the installation significantly underperformed expectations set by the manufacturer’s manual.

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Four zebra mussel myths and where they went wrong

Like all fearsome creatures, zebra mussels come with their own set of myths. These are the stories we tell ourselves about zebra mussels, usually in preparation to battle them. They are not necessarily false stories, but they are not always true, either. Knowing the difference is critical to developing efficient and cost-effective zebra mussel management strategies.

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