Mussel Control Projects Using EarthTec QZ
Mortality Rates

From: “Efficacy of Copper Based Algaecides for Control of Quagga and Zebra Mussels,” 2013, a report for the California Dept. of Water Resources by Renata Claudi

Figure 22. Zebra mussel mortality when exposed to EarthTec for 96 hours.
Figure 43. Low concentration. Average percent mortality after 96 hours of exposure to low concentration of algaecides.

Act Now

Most states are worried about boats transferring zebra mussels from an infested lake to a clean lake. Preventing this from happening is essential. Planning for when it does happen is critical.

EarthTec QZ can eradicate zebra mussels in just a few weeks before they spread to a complete infestation. We have an Emergency Response Team that is able to quickly take action in order to avoid an infestation and potential lake closures.

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