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About EarthTec Qz

EarthTec QZ is NSF-Certified to ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water, making it an excellent approach for controlling the spread and infestation of this devastating species. EarthTec QZ can be applied in raw water intakes, lakes and reservoirs. It is a rapidly-dispersing product that is immediately bioavailable. The zebra mussels do not detect a threat and readily ingest the EarthTec QZ. Studies have confirmed complete mortality within 48 – 96 hours. It has also shown to be effective at concentrations that are safe for most fish and other non-target organisms.

Copper 2+, the cupric ion

Thanks to its unique formulation, the copper in EarthTec QZ is kept entirely in the cupric ion form – the only biologically active form of copper – and it therefore works at a significantly lower copper dose than copper sulfate or chelated copper products. There is virtually no waste or loss to precipitation or settling, and for that reason we believe EarthTec QZ is the most environmentally responsible way to apply copper for pest control.

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