Earth Science Labs expands capacity at Nebraska plant

Feb 7, 2017

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – Earth Science Laboratories, an Arkansas based company, is expanding production at their Nebraska plant in order to better meet demand for pool chemicals and water treatment products.

The expansion will also initiate improved production technology and quality control processes. Founded in 1991, Earth Science Labs manufactures several water treatment products and pool chemicals based on proprietary chemistry. These include the vanguard products: PristineBlue®, AlgaeShield TM, EARTHTEC®, and EARTHTEC QZ.

“This is an important expansion for us”, says CEO David Nicholas. “Our goal is to remain at the front edge of technology, production and quality control for our products. This expansion accomplishes that. We are proud of our stability, but we never want to become complacent. It’s imperative that we constantly improve”.

PristineBlue is an EPA certified bactericide* and algaecide that is the cornerstone of the PristineBlue line of pool chemicals. It was created to provide pool owners with consistently crystal clear water that doesn’t burn eyes or irritate skin. Applied just every two weeks, PristineBlue is designed to make vacations or busy summer schedules less worrisome. The company states a dedicated mission with this complete line of pool chemicals to make pool care effective, affordable and easy. PristineBlue offers pool store owners a territory business model and is not sold in mass market retailers. This allows those authorized dealer stores to have a complete and effective line of pool chemicals that the big chains don’t offer.

AlgaeShield is a stand-alone copper based algaecide that has been an extremely popular product for the company in the pool chemicals market. Pool service companies, pool stores and consumers have relied on it for decades to effectively treat any type of existing algae or for routine maintenance of an algae free pool. The popularity of AlgaeShield can largely be attributed to its effectiveness in pool winterization. When added at pool closing, the long lasting nature of the proprietary formula continues to control algae throughout the winter months.

EARTHTEC is a liquid formulation bactericide* and algaecide for municipal, agricultural, industrial and recreational uses. The powerful proprietary formula is EPA approved and NSF Certified to Standard 60 for use in drinking water. It reduces taste and odor compounds associated with algae, including geosmin and MIB. It can reduce overall chemical costs by reducing the necessity for use of more expensive treatments. This is important to budget conscious agencies who rely on water treatment products. EARTHTEC improves membrane performance by removing minerals that cause scaling. In lakes and reservoirs. EARTHTEC provides an environmentally conscious option for controlling algae and bacteria in lakes, reservoirs and water treatment facilities.

EARTHTEC QZ is an EPA approved molluscicide for prevention and control of quagga and zebra mussels. The unique liquid formulation exterminates adult mussels and prevents settlement and infestation of larval–stage veliger. QZ is NSF Certified to Standard 60 for use in drinking water, making it one of the safest approaches available. QZ can be applied to lakes, reservoirs and pipelines. This makes it an important water treatment product in the battle against invasive species of mollusks.

Combined, these proprietary pool chemicals and water treatment products showcase an expertise and dedication to improve and sustain one of our most valuable resources. The products manufactured by Earth Science Labs are beneficial wherever people use and enjoy clean, clear water.

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*Non-public health bacteria